Tuesday, July 13, 2010


So apparently I've been sleeping on this cat from L.A. named Dom Kennedy. I had been seeing tweets on Twitter from my boy Danny about him. So one day I clicked on a link Danny posted on Twitter regarding Dom Kennedy's video "1997" and once I saw the video I was in love. He's cute, and the song is SUPER DOPE!!!!!! This video is really on the lines of less is more. Dom Kennedy has a mixtape out called "From The Westside With Love" I strongly suggest you download it. Listen to the song closely and try and remember where you were and what you had going on in 1997.


Lately the phrase "I won't sale you a dream but the inspiration is free" has been playing in my mind. Its funny because I have been so inspired lately, its like the littlest things and the most random people have been inspiring me. Back in 2009 I made a decision that I would start doing more, more of everything! Loving more, smiling more, living more, etc. Somewhere along those lines I got a little lost, I was caught up in some superficial self absorbing bullshit. So now I'm back and I've decided its really time to stop playing and get back to doing more. I really want to change the world in so many ways and I love the way I feel when I give and I'm not just talking about giving back but just giving. Whether its advice, time, money, clothes, etc. its a great feeling knowing I was able to help someone. So to all those who have inspired me lately THANK YOU!!!!! Keep it up and in return I will do the same. Let's inspire each other.